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Kraken wprowadza nowe opcje finansowania dla walut fiat

kraken fiaty

Giełda Kraken dzięki współpracy z firmą Estana Custody wprowadziła nowe możliwości finansowania dla pięciu głównych walut fiat: USD, EUR, CAD, GBP i JPY.

Clients create and verify an Etana Custody Wallet for holding funds. After registering their bank account, clients can wire funds between their bank and their Etana Custody Wallet. Wire transfers between the bank and Etana Custody Wallet carry the normal wire processing time of 1-5 business days.

The Etana Custody Wallet is automatically connected with the client’s Kraken account and the five major currencies are freely and quickly transferable between accounts. To deposit, wires are sent to Etana, then quickly credited to the client’s Kraken account. To withdraw, funds are quickly debited from the client’s Kraken account, where they can be held in the Etana Custody Wallet, or wired to the client’s bank account.


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