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Na WEX można obstawiać zmiany ceny Bitcoina – Bitcoin Betting

wex btc betting

Giełda kryptowalut WEX uruchomiła nową funkcję na swojej platformie – Bitcoin Betting, która daje możliwość obstawiania spadków i wzrostów kursu Bitcoina w stosunku do USD.

What is Bitcoin Betting?
It’s a totalizator where Bitcoin exchange rate against USD is used.

Brief description of Bitcoin Betting
Every 5 minutes, the BTC/USD exchange rate is fixed at the last price (base price), and you can bet on the rise or fall of the exchange rate in relation to the base price. After the 5-minute interval, the bets are closed, and a new 5-minute bet acceptance period with a new base price begins.

After the betting period is over, the waiting stage of the drawing begins. It lasts 5 minutes. If there are enough participants, the drawing is made after 15 minutes of waiting. At this stage, the BTC/USD exchange rate is also fixed at the last price, and the drawing is made. If you placed an up bet and the price went up, you will receive a prize as a percentage of your bet to the total amount of up bets. In this case, the prize pool is the sum of all down bets. The same algorithm is applied to down bets, but vice versa


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