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Przerwa techniczna na Bittrexie, 27 lutego

upgrade 2

Jutro o godz. 23:00 rozpocznie się upgrade na giełdzie Bittrex. W tym czasie wpłaty, wypłaty oraz handel będzie niedostępny zarówno na platformie Bittrex jak i Bittrex International. Przerwa techniczna potrwa co najmniej trzy godziny.

Wprowadzone zmiany mają poprawić działanie silnika giełdy Bittrex, zwiększyć skalowalność i przyśpieszyć dokonywanie transakcji.

What benefits will users notice once the update is complete?
Once the update is completed Bittrex and Bittrex International users will enjoy noticeably faster orderbook updates and overall order execution. The updated site will have the capacity to execute even more orders per second. In fact, after the upgrade, your orders will be processed at a rate 20 times faster than before.
Will there be any additional improvements from the update?
The update is paving the way for a collection of exciting features that will be rolled out on Bittrex and Bittrex International throughout 2019. Some of these features will include:
  • Maker-Taker and other features for liquidity providers and high-volume traders
  • New ways to add fiat to your accounts
  • Account management improvements (access to full transaction history, account statements, and more)
  • New order types and options, including Market Orders
  • More Flexible Conditional Orders which will eliminate the need for reserve funds when making conditional orders, allowing traders more flexibility without tying up money in conditional trades. (NOTE: Conditional Orders will be disabled until this updated functionality goes live)
  • And, much more – so stay tuned!

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